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<h1>Transforming CrimeDoor’s App into a SEO Powerhouse</h1>

CrimeDoor is a cutting-edge mobile app that provides users with a unique and immersive true crime experience. It offers daily updates, case profiles, videos, original articles, photos, and more on famous criminal cases. CrimeDoor’s interactive platform allows users to explore and engage with true crime content, making it a must-have for true crime enthusiasts and anyone interested in real-life mysteries and criminal investigations.

However, CrimeDoor initially faced challenges related to limited app exposure and downloads, despite offering compelling true crime content. This hindered its potential reach and impact in the true crime community.

Moreover, CrimeDoor grappled with significantly high expenses, not only in terms of app development but also in the ongoing daily production of content. These financial burdens posed a considerable obstacle to the company’s growth and sustainability.

CrimeDoor wisely engaged AIContent.Engineering to assess the situation and devise a strategic solution. Together, they embarked on a transformative journey to enhance the app’s visibility, streamline content production, and optimize resources for a more efficient and successful operation.


  • CrimeDoor initially struggled with limited app exposure and downloads.
  • The app offered daily updates on true crime information and case profiles.


  • Limited app exposure on both app platforms.
  • No exposure on the desktop or mobile web.
  • Manual news sourcing process.
  • Need for organic traffic/SEO improvement.


  • AI Content Engineering created thousands of content pages and multiple ways to browse them.
  • Converted the app to a Progressive Web App (PWA) for wider accessibility.
  • Automated the news content generation process by using a combination of software production and AI writing.
  • Engaged the AI Content.Engineer software to procure backlinks and distribute content far and wide.
  • Performed manual SEO tasks, including high-value link acquisition and keyword optimization.
  • Migrated the app to WordPress for ease of maintenance and significant cost savings.


  • Reduced writing staff and software development infrastructure.
  • Traffic increased from 200 visitors per day to 20,000 in just over 2 months.
  • High rankings for hundreds of keywords and thousands of inbound links.
  • Competing successfully with major news publications on high-traffic key phrases.

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